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Why Red Earth?

A lot of people ( 3 exactly) asked me why did I name my blog Red Earth Stories.  (Its easy to miss the name squished over in the left column, but I really loved this template.)  I’m from Georgia.  Born here, grew up here, educated here, work here and at this point, looks like I’ll die here.  Before you assume that that’s a tragedy, I do travel outside the state and a few times, I’ve even been outside the country.  But, back to my point.  We Southerners tend to ramble.  Why Red Earth?  I believe who you are is influenced a lot by where you come from and I come from red dirt.   If you’ve ever been to rural Georgia or most parts of Alabama, you already know what I mean.  For those of you who don’t:

You can either embrace you past or run from it.  I embrace mine.  Being Southern, makes up a big part of who I am and since I’m proud of who I am, I want to share a little bit of my heritage.  Southern literature has a great tradition from the violent and tragic past of the civil war to the growing pains of civil rights.  From the macabre to the just flat out bizarre.  I want to contribute to that tradition through my own stories, thus the title.

The next time you’re in our great state, take a visit to a local farm and see a beautiful part of the country.  Just don’t wear white shoes!


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