Who hasn’t heard “there is a first time for everything”? Remember your first birthday? ( I don’t and am suspicious of people who say they do.) Your first kiss? First boyfriend? (Ughh, he set a bad precedent that at post 40 -years-old, I can’t seem to get away from. But that’s another topic.) Your first […]

Grow a thick skin

As a criminal defense attorney, I thought I had a thick skin.  I’ve been stared down by the family of victims, had my integrity questioned by jurors and even had my intelligence challenged by a few of my own clients when their cases didn’t go their way.   None of that bothered me.  It was part […]

What I learned from writing a book

I’ve finished my book AGAIN.   What I mean by that is that I just completed another cover-to-cover revision of my book.  I’ve stopped trying to explain the concept to my non-writer friends because whenever I say I’ve finished a revision they immediately ask – ‘so what’s left to do before you upload it?’  (I’m self-publishing) […]

Back in the Saddle

Hello my loyal two readers!   I bet you have missed me.  It’s been sixty-two days since my last post and boy do I feel guilty.  At least I have been productive in that time and have not dropped writing all together.  This year I participated in National Novel Writing Month.  I have to admit […]

Reboot – Malice Aforethought

Today I rebooted my blog novel, Malice Aforethought. For two months, I had two error-filled chapters posted and today I zapped them both and re-posted the edited chapter 1.   Malice is the prequel to my 1st novel, the Sweetest Days.  The main character is Simone Madison, a young attorney, struggling to find her purpose in […]

Sex and violence, part 2

Today was the kick-off of the Decatur Book Festival and in spite of having to go into the office today when I hadn’t planned to, I stuck to my guns, put work on the back burner and actually went to the writing workshop on Sex and Violence.   It was quite a treat, and, no, there […]

Sex and Violence – not for cowards

This weekend the Decatur Book Festival is in town and some real interesting people are in the line-up.  Every year I read about the festival, but this year I’m going to get off my duff and go.  On Friday, they have a writer’s conference at Agnes Scott College and  I’ve decided to attend the seminar, […]