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Call to Action – Save Troy Anthony Davis

Two years ago, I wrote a post asking “Why the Rush to Kill?”  In it I discussed the case of Todd Willingham who was sent to death row in Texas and executed based on faulty scientific evidence.  I also mentioned Troy Anthony Davis, a man on Georgia’s death row due to faulty evidence.  Why  are […]

Justice can be a bitter pill.

The net and tv are abuzz with debate about the Casey Anthony verdict, most people expressing passionate opinions either for or against conviction.  We’ve all heard that quote “better ten guilty men go free than one innocent man  be convicted.”  That belief is one of the fundamental cornerstones of the American justice system, but when […]

If you can’t do the time, then don’t do this…

Yesterday’s postaday topic was to describe the perfect crime. I can’t describe the perfect crime, but here are some “do’ s and don’ts ” gleaned from my years as a criminal defense attorney:     1. Don’t commit a crime with other people.  Nine out of ten defendants are “given up” by their co-conspirators.  If […]

Why the Rush to Kill?

When I started this blog I told myself  that I would stay away from political topics, but with a platform and my deeply held opinions, some things are just too hard not to comment on.  There is a case in Texas of Cameron Todd Willingham who was convicted in 1992 ad executed in 2004 for […]

What is justice?

The recent headlines have been filled with the sad death of the sportswear model, Jasmine Fiore, who was viciously  murdered allegedly by her husband or ex-husband depending on what story you read.   A few days later, it was reported that the “reality star” had apparently taken his own life by hanging himself in a seedy […]

Truth and Fiction

A couple of years ago, I began to question what type of person I was when I realized that most of my interests revolve around murderers, thieves, drug dealers, con artists, wife beaters and serial killers.   I practice criminal law for a living, two of my favorite authors are John Grisham and Karin Slaughter,  my […]

Another Child is Born!

If you read my first post on April 14th, you will know that I refer to my novels as children.  Today I got started on the “stories” part of  Red Earth Stories and created my Malice Aforethought blog.  My completed, yet unagented and unpublished novel, is a legal thriller involving a character named Simone Madison.   […]