About me

My name is Angela Brown Dillon and these are my stories.   I’m a new writer wanting to share my talents and adventures with the world.  I am in my late thirties and holding. (Okay, maybe I’ve already slipped past my thirties, but telling stories is what I do.)  I’m married, no kids, and have a day job as a lawyer practicing mostly in criminal and family law.  If you want to contact me directly, you can shoot me an e-mail at redearthstories@yahoo.com.

Things I Love (other than the obligatory family, friends and being alive)

my dogs – Belle and Liberty (sadly Liberty passed away – 8/2/09 post)


my IPOD nano

books (Childhood favorite – A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Classic – East of Eden, Contemporary – too hard to choose)



calla lilies

my Nexus 7


Gwen Stefani Harajuku perfumes

Things I want to accomplish

Become a published author

Learn to cook well  (okay – learn to cook anything)

visit five continents (I know there are seven, but I live on one and Antarctica is WAAAY too cold)

learn a second language

cure cancer and bring about world peace (that ain’t gone happen- but they sound good.  I do recognize that life is not totally about me)

I probably should say stop procrastinating, but given my first post (Someday Syndrome –  4/1/09 post) that’s about as likely to happen as me finding the cure for cancer


3 comments on “About me

  1. Hi, Angela!
    I’m in the midst of a re-write/re-vise too, and have also been looking into self-publishing. If you have not yet committed to a “publishing house”, please check out O-books:
    They seem intriguing… it takes a little reading to get the gist of what they are about, but I really like their ethos.
    Best wishes to you!

  2. Hi Angela. I feel very happy to have found you on Twitter. 🙂 Your name, Dillon, caught my eye, as that is my real name. I use my ‘author name’ on Twitter.

    I am very close to finishing my first book, a historical novel based on fact (family history), set in China from 1914 to 1929. If I didn’t have to work for a living, like everyone else, I would have finished the book long ago. My immediate goal is to actually finish writing it, then spend all this year editing and polishing.

    I am in my late 50s, live in Brisbane, Australia, have two adult children, a step granddaughter, a grandson (10 months), and another grandchild due in August. Phew! I also have two dogs who are my little furry friends, and two cats of my own plus a step cat.

    Love your blog!! Also attracted by the Red Earth Stories title, as I live in an area called Redlands, and, you guessed it, we have hideous bright red soil here that has died my pure white Moodle, Karob, a ginger ninja colour! So, in my own way, I guess I have some ‘red earth’ stories to tell too.

    Nice to meet you! Cheers for now.


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