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Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine!


To all my devoted readers,I apologize for my absence and I’m sure you’ve missed by lovely posts imparting my great wisdom. For the last several months, I had lost my writing mojo. Being a lawyer, of course, I still write for work, but my creative well had run dry. I’ve written not a word.  No posts, no short stories and my second book is little more than a sad outline. Every aspect of my life is in transition which for me causes a certain amount of stress. Stress blocks my inspiration and a lack of inspiration just leads to a blank page.  My career, my residence, my social life and even my hair have all recently undergone a significant change.

Last weekend, my best friend for the past couple of decades (I’m not ashamed to admit we are in the over 40 club), invited me away for the weekend.  We spent time with some friends and friends of friends that we just met.  I don’t know why, but it was like going to summer camp for adults.  We instantly clicked with everyone there.  We had good food, good drink and good fun.  The best thing is I laughed more than I have in a long time.  I wasn’t worried about all the deadlines I needed to meet, my bad knee (or my bad back) didn’t hurt as much, my phone wasn’t ringing every day with a new crises.  I just relaxed. 

In writing you are warned about using old adages and definitely you want to stay away from cliches.  But those thing stick around because there is truth in them – Laughter is definitely the best medicine.  So, to all my writer friends, artists or anyone who feels bogged down, call a good friend or make a new friend – just find someone who makes you laugh.  Have a good meal – a friend who also cooks is a double bonus – bring a bottle of your favorite beverage whether its wine, rum or just juice and have a good laugh. Even now a week later, I’m still chuckling at some things that were said.  A good laugh is just a reminder not to sweat the small stuff and take life or yourself too seriously.



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