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Simple but true – Just do It


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We all have heard it by now that Nike slogan “Just do it”.  The slogan has been seared into our public consciousness because it is so simple and so true.  We all deep down want to stop the b/s and just do it.  Today I read post called stop the excuses that had a great video from Nike demonstrating why we all need to stop making excuses.

I found myself guilty of making  many excuses not to post this week.  I was too busy.  I had a mild case of writer’s block.  I was sleepy.  I was hungry.  No one out there was listening anyway.   Belle (my dog) hated my last post.  Another NCIS marathon was on.

The Nike video drove it home for me.  Excuses are for wimps.  You can always find a reason not to do something.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make excuses for the things we shouldn’t do instead of the things we should? I can’t overeat today because I’m too tired. I don’t have enough time to procrastinate. It’s raining, so I have to stay indoors and workout.  Complaining makes my stomach hurt. I have to go to work today because I’ll be bored if I stay at home.  Try it. Maybe it will catch on and we will be a world of doers instead of non-doers.  So lace up those sneakers and Just do it – whatever you “it” is.



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One comment on “Simple but true – Just do It

  1. I like the idea of making excuses of things we shouldn’t do. Too bad I’m so comfortable with letting things go that I should be doing.

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