Don’t let it get away

Procrastinators such as myself let too many things slip away.  I let the day (Sunday) slip away before I wrote this post.  Thus, I come to you some time after midnight.  On the wordpress blog, there was a post (three days ago) about keeping up with good ideas.  I, like that blogger, keep a handy notebook in my purse to jot down ideas of all kinds – character ideas, inspired by the the girl in the grocery store with hair the color of cotton candy, or plot, inspired by the newspaper article I just read about the woman who called 9-1-1 because Burger King didn’t let her have it her way, or blog ideas, like why grammar rules and proof reading go to pot after midnight.  The notebook, although very cute, is an archaic way way of keeping up with ideas.

Here’s a few more:

1. Send yourself an email – Especially convenient for smartphone  owners.  if you’re in a real hurry don’t bother with the body of the email, use the subject line.

2. Send yourself a text – I use my cell phone to text my Google voice number.

3. A lot of phones will let you record a snippet of conversation,  so leave yourself a note.

4. Call your voice mail.

5. Ipod nano users – use the video feature to film yourself.

6. Tell your spouse to remind you.  (Okay, that one’s not so good, but miracles happen.)







3 comments on “Don’t let it get away

  1. re tell your spouse
    I’m a musician and since moving to Italy have travelled around a lot playing my own ‘contaminated blues’. I often get ideas whilst driving, so Lesley writes down the lyrics in her Moleskine. Later I write them in pencil in my Moleskine(!) and refine the songs until i’m ‘happy’ with them when I write the final version in ink over he scribbles, leaving the traces of pencil underneath . . . . . . . it works for us 🙂

    • Hello Rowland,

      Next road trip I’ll see if I can convince the hubby to give it a try. The first hurdle is I have to get him to let me drive !


  2. RE: Tell Your Spouse

    Your spouse is a woman–that’s why it works.

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