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Take a Moment

I’ve always been told that Europeans really know how to relax.  Too bad we don’t.  Americans always seem to be on a tear to see how many activities we can cram into one day or one week or one lifetime.   Life is made up of small moments.  A great meal that two weeks later makes you remember it and say “boy that was some good pasta.”  Or the funny story your friend told you that made you laugh until your sides ached and  still  makes you smile  three days later.

In the words of one of my favorite philosphers – Lenny Kravitz – “this moment is all there is.”  So today, amid the snow/freezing rain, I put down my things to do list and walked into a Barnes and Noble.  I bought a book about Baltimore (my latest novel takes place there), ordered my favorite bagel and juice and perused the pages of my book, wandering what my characters had been doing since I left them.  For twenty minutes I was not thinking about all the clients waiting for me to solve their problems or how many experts say that eating a bagel is worse than eating a doughnut.  For that moment, I was enjoying myself, spending time with myself and in just a small  way appreciating life.  Not everyone is into books and bagels, but everyone has something they love, so take a moment . . . and enjoy!


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