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5 things i’m tired of hearing about

There are five things that I am just tired of hearing about.  In tribute to one of them on the list, here is my countdown:

#5 The H1N1 virus. Yes we need to be informed and public health needs to be protected, but do I really want to see a kid with a nasal mist dispenser for the H1N1 vaccine stuck up his nose on the front page of the newspaper.

#4 Roman Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland – I’m glad a fugitive may be brought to justice, but must people keep asking the ridiculous question of whether or not genius ( and whether he is a “genius” filmmaker is subjective) excuses immoral behavior?

#3 Reports on Dancing with the Stars – if you are really a celebrity, aren’t you too busy starring in other things to be on this show? Aren’t those who are interested in the show watch it? Do we really need a recap the next day?

#2 Jon and Kate plus eight – or whatever the heck it is this week.  When your greatest claim to fame is producing eight kids, do you really deserve your own show?  I’m not knocking having kids or big families, but the accomplishment is raising kids that turn out to be happy, productive adults, not exploiting young children for big bucks.

#1 David Letterman’s blackmail and affair – Same story different players.  Newsbreak !! People have sex. ( See, John Edwards, Gov. Sanford, Eliot Spitzer and the lists goes on and on).  The only real news story is when its exclusively with their spouse.


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