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5 things i’m tired of hearing about

There are five things that I am just tired of hearing about.  In tribute to one of them on the list, here is my countdown: #5 The H1N1 virus. Yes we need to be informed and public health needs to be protected, but do I really want to see a kid with a nasal mist […]

Why the Rush to Kill?

When I started this blog I told myself  that I would stay away from political topics, but with a platform and my deeply held opinions, some things are just too hard not to comment on.  There is a case in Texas of Cameron Todd Willingham who was convicted in 1992 ad executed in 2004 for […]

Reboot – Malice Aforethought

Today I rebooted my blog novel, Malice Aforethought. For two months, I had two error-filled chapters posted and today I zapped them both and re-posted the edited chapter 1.   Malice is the prequel to my 1st novel, the Sweetest Days.  The main character is Simone Madison, a young attorney, struggling to find her purpose in […]