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Three is not the magic number.

Three is not the magic number, at least not for me. On August 17, I made a challenge to myself to post three times a week.  I may have done that the first week, but like a rhythmnically challenged quasi-celebrity on Dancing with the Stars, I quickly took a tumble.  My last post was on September 4th, some 26 days ago.  But I’m not going to belabor the point.  I am going to renew my challenge and add a new rule.  The post only has to be five lines long.  Surely a loquacious lawyer like myself can write five measley lines.  We are taught that in our first-year law class called Meaningless Legalese. Part of my problem is my desire to be witty, entertaining, thought-provoking and brilliant in every post.  If  Shakespeare were alive today, and once he got over the shock of the existence of the internet and his dismay at it’s role in butchering language, could even he achieve all those things in every post?


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