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Three is not the magic number.

Three is not the magic number, at least not for me. On August 17, I made a challenge to myself to post three times a week.  I may have done that the first week, but like a rhythmnically challenged quasi-celebrity on Dancing with the Stars, I quickly took a tumble.  My last post was on […]

Sex and violence, part 2

Today was the kick-off of the Decatur Book Festival and in spite of having to go into the office today when I hadn’t planned to, I stuck to my guns, put work on the back burner and actually went to the writing workshop on Sex and Violence.   It was quite a treat, and, no, there […]

Sex and Violence – not for cowards

This weekend the Decatur Book Festival is in town and some real interesting people are in the line-up.  Every year I read about the festival, but this year I’m going to get off my duff and go.  On Friday, they have a writer’s conference at Agnes Scott College and  I’ve decided to attend the seminar, […]