My Sweet Liberty

My sweet Liberty.

My Sweet Liberty

My sixth wedding anniversary is this weekend and I can’t help but reflect upon it with a bit of sadness.  This year we celebrate without our sweet girl, Liberty.  Sadly, she passed away earlier this year.  She was a wedding gift from my husband and as you can see from this photo, an honorary member of our wedding party.  Some people may think it silly, but anyone who has loved a dog or any pet, knows that their passing is as real as losing a human friend.  Liberty, even as she grew sick, was always happy to see us come home  and wagged her tail constantly.  Of our two girls, Liberty was the quiet calm one and her sister Belle, the scrappy Diva.  Liberty’s favorite thing was to lay in the sun rays beaming through the back door and survey her kingdom.   She wanted to see it from a distance for she was very much a house dog.  She would go outside to do her business and then she wanted back in.  I can’t recount all the good times we had and all the joy she brought us.  We don’t know exactly what type of dog she was.  All they told us when we adopted her that she was the runt of a litter that the vet at the shelter didn’t expect to live very long.  But in her usual quiet way, she defied the odds and gave us six wonderful years.   I’m so glad that “all dogs go to heaven.”   R. I. P. my girl.


2 comments on “My Sweet Liberty

  1. I am sorry for your loss. Do you have a sister? If so, are you Belle or Liberty?

  2. …yes,Mrs. Bailey…,”all dogs go to heaven.” At least I like to think so. Giving Liberty to You was My second smartest move…

    …My smartest move?

    …being your Husband. Love Always,”Mr. Beetle Bailey Carter”(wink,wink,hint,hint)…

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