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Decisions, Decisions

So today as I sweltered in the 80 degree heat and contemplated modern marvels such as air conditioning, since mine was obviously not working, I had a writing epiphany.   As of today’s date, it is  one year,  seven months and and twenty-two days since I finished my book the sweetest days (and over four months since I started this blog with my Someday Syndrome post).  In that time, I have sent out two agent queries and promptly got two rejections.  The fact that so much time has passed really drives it home for me that all those writers who say that getting published is a full-time job are right.   While I still have procrastination issues, I have come a long way focusing on getting published.  My husband feels that I should wait on a book deal.  My sister says go for it.

What do I think?  I think that Nike was right. Just do it.  There are so many articles about the pitfalls of self-publishing, just as there are so many articles on the odds against finding an agent and getting a book deal.  So why wait.   I’m not going to.  If lightning strikes then, good sales  could attract a publisher.  If not, then I still get the thrill of having my family and friends read my book.   Either way,  I look forward to taking the next step.


One comment on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Hey, if you self publish there’s always that slight chance that a publishing house could stumble by your book and offer you a pretty penny to pick up your next print run.

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