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I post therefore I am.

To look at your blog stats and have a straight line is very disheartening, particularly when that line runs along the zero axis.  This means that even my family is not looking at my site.  But before I blame others, I must look at myself.  The entire month of July went by without me making a single post.  The first rule of good blogging is that you must post and you must post often.   While I’m way ahead of the sorry one post I did in a year on my first blog, I’m far behind what I need to be doing to have a real audience.   How can you have a loyal following when ther is nothing to follow?  Right now it’s just me and Belle (my dog) and she doesn’t count as a hit because she has to read along with me when I’m logged in.  Paws are of no use on a keyboard.

So I’ve come up with a challenge of three posts a week.  I wanted to do thirty posts in thirty days because it sounds snappy, however I know I’m just not going to be able to post every day and work on my blog novel and send out agent queries and earn a living.   So three times a week for thirty is the compromise.  I’ve also selected three areas to sort of focus my thoughts.  Day 1 – progress or status on writing and getting published.  Day 2 – thoughts on life.  Day 3 – an informational post on some book or writing tool that I have discovered.  So, here we go.  This entry doesn’t count.  The challenge starts tomorrow. . . no better yet Wednesday.  I need a day to think, don’t I?


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