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A little can say a lot

This weekend I watched a movie starring Liam Neeson called Five Minutes of Heaven.  The movie basically is about an imagined attempt at reconciliation between a man, Alistair Little (played by Liam Neeson, who yet again delivers a moving performance), who murdered the brother of another man, Joe Griffin (played by James Nesbitt, an actor […]

My Sweet Liberty

My sixth wedding anniversary is this weekend and I can’t help but reflect upon it with a bit of sadness.  This year we celebrate without our sweet girl, Liberty.  Sadly, she passed away earlier this year.  She was a wedding gift from my husband and as you can see from this photo, an honorary member […]

What is justice?

The recent headlines have been filled with the sad death of the sportswear model, Jasmine Fiore, who was viciously  murdered allegedly by her husband or ex-husband depending on what story you read.   A few days later, it was reported that the “reality star” had apparently taken his own life by hanging himself in a seedy […]

Decisions, Decisions

So today as I sweltered in the 80 degree heat and contemplated modern marvels such as air conditioning, since mine was obviously not working, I had a writing epiphany.   As of today’s date, it is  one year,  seven months and and twenty-two days since I finished my book the sweetest days (and over four months […]

Truth and Fiction

A couple of years ago, I began to question what type of person I was when I realized that most of my interests revolve around murderers, thieves, drug dealers, con artists, wife beaters and serial killers.   I practice criminal law for a living, two of my favorite authors are John Grisham and Karin Slaughter,  my […]

I post therefore I am.

To look at your blog stats and have a straight line is very disheartening, particularly when that line runs along the zero axis.  This means that even my family is not looking at my site.  But before I blame others, I must look at myself.  The entire month of July went by without me making […]

Use everything

Today I made a careless mistake.  I still haven’t developed a plan for backing up my files and so I’m paranoid about losing everything.  I was reading another writer’s blog who said that he e-mails himself copies of his files.  I had heard that before, but never bothered to do it.  Writing Life Lesson #1: […]