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I’m one step closer to being a published author.  You ever notice how every writer worth her or his salt has rejection stories to tell?  Some  get rejections for years and years.  Many are bordering on financial collaspe when they get the news: someone besides their family members (who of course  felt obligated to tell them, they were great – unless of course they hated them, then they have more serious problems than rejection slips) and their circle of friends (who wouldn’t want to be best friends with a best-selling i. e. millionaire author?) and the drunk they paid $5 to read their opus because they ran out of family and friends – someone, other than all those people, is interested in their little novel.  That someone is a publisher!  For me, I imagine once I sign the contract I will pull out all those rejections and begin laughing and saying out loud how all those agents just missed out on the next J. K. Rowling or John Grisham.  I see myself, during my Oprah appearance, laughing about the number of rejections I received.  But for now those good times just have to wait – today I’m just glad I’ve taken another baby step – Rejection#2.  Agent letter #3 goes out this weekend.


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