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The Dash of Life

I once heard a speaker talk about the dash of life.  He  said you have a date of birth, a date of death and the dash in between is your life.  The  death of Michael Jackson has many people, myself included, pondering the dashes of their lives.  What we do with the time that we […]

A Dog’s Life

Can I have my dog’s life?  As I run out of the house in the mornings with three or four different bags – a briefcase stuffed with all the work I brought home to complete, but never, ever, get to; my purse, usually the size of a briefcase so I can fit my coupon holder, […]


I’m one step closer to being a published author.  You ever notice how every writer worth her or his salt has rejection stories to tell?  Some  get rejections for years and years.  Many are bordering on financial collaspe when they get the news: someone besides their family members (who of course  felt obligated to tell […]

Fear of the Typo.

Sounds crazy? Fear of the typo.  That’s the latest thing that has been keeping me from my destiny as the next female John Grisham.  Like most budding  novelists, I spends loads of time reading how-to-books, writer’s magazines and prowling the internet for advice from the already haves.  A common thing that most agents say turns […]