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Another Child is Born!

If you read my first post on April 14th, you will know that I refer to my novels as children.  Today I got started on the “stories” part of  Red Earth Stories and created my Malice Aforethought blog.  My completed, yet unagented and unpublished novel, is a legal thriller involving a character named Simone Madison.   […]

Hollywood should learn from Star Trek

I don’t know what came first, my love of writing or my love of television, movies and all things pop culture.  Since I remember watching Romper Room and the Electric Company before I even learned to spell, it was probably the love of pop culture.  As a lover of pop culture, I like to feel […]

Shout out to WordPress!

I have to give a shout-out to for being totally awesome. (Awesome is a corny, geeky, over-used word, but that’s what this site and software is.) Using WordPress is the first step in curing my Someday Syndrome. It has made setting up this blog a pleasant experience. Unlike taking a dose of cod liver […]