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Someday Syndrome

I was recently reading an article about something called Someday Syndrome.  After I  read it, I decided it is a condition I most certainly have.  It’s just a fancy term for procrastination.  “Procrastination is the thief of time,” my mother always said.  Since I was a teenager, I have been harping on the fact that I wanted to write a book.  Like half of America, I knew in my heart of hearts that a Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece was burrowed in my soul just waiting to be called forth.

Here it is many years later, I won’t say how many, but I finally wrote that book.  I had had many thrilling ideas, fabulous characters and spellbinding plots, before this one came together.  In January 2007, after years and years of suffering from Someday Syndrome I sat down and finally got it done.  I gave birth to that baby on December 31, 2007. Umpteen years of hard labor (interrupted, of course, by work, marriage, movie watching, going out, hanging out, listening to music, walking the dogs, scratching my butt etc. – anything but finishing my opus).

You may be thinking, it’s April 2009, she is blogging to announce her status a newly minted fiction writer with her debut novel about to hit the local Barnes and Noble and Borders any day now.   WRONG.  I am here to document the manifestations of my disease.  What happened after all that work?  My novel still sits on the self.  I’ve sent it to exactly one agent and received exactly one rejection.  In my defense, I must say I have given it a pretty thorough edit, bound ten copies and given them to friends and family and have gotten great reviews.  I have also written a novella which I plan to self publish at a website near you very soon.

I have started this blog to cure my Someday Syndrome and make my Someday start today by chronicling my efforts to wean at least one of the babies and get her out to my adoring yet to be discovered fans.  Of course, I have been here before too.  In July 2007  (or was it 08?), I started a blog declaring my independence and determination to get my career as a published author off the ground.  The only thing worse than my Someday Syndrome may be my Deja Vu Fever – I often suffer from been there done that,  forget about it and then do it again.  So it will be up to you my faithful followers to push me along.  Right now, I’m probably speaking to just two people – my husband and my sis.  But that’s the beauty of blogging – we are all available to the world – just waiting for our fifteen minutes.


One comment on “Someday Syndrome

  1. Bailey, I really enjoyed running across your blog, as I can definitely relate! I think, no, I know that a lot of people suffer from Someday Syndrome, particularly when it comes to writing, so I’m sure many folks will want to follow your blog once they find it. I’ve recently started working through The Artist’s Way book/workbook with a close group of friends and, based on what I’m reading there, I think you are on the right track – just having a blog that “forces” you to just write is a great way to get unblocked. My new blog is on a topic related to my business, but it stil helps me to loosen up and write more in my other areas of interest.

    Best wishes to you!

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